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Navigate Your Financial Life With a Sense of Well-Being

Wealth Rescue Strategies ensures your wealth management strategies are in line with your values and beliefs about money.


Our process is simple and built to empower your sense of financial well-being. We combine our intuition with our ability to earn your trust. Then we merge those aspects with our 20+ years of knowledge and experience in money and finance.


Get to Know Each Other

  • An initial, no-obligation meeting takes 30 minutes or less. We’ll absorb your needs and desires.
  • If you feel good about moving forward, we will give you clear next steps.


Dive Into Your Goals

  • Together, we’ll assess how you interact with your financial life, and we’ll discuss income-generating options.
  • You’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of your needs, resources, and goals.


Exploring Investment Solutions

  • We work together on your exciting new portfolio and review investment suggestions to ensure you’re confident in the proposed solutions.
  • We make adjustments as needed to align the solutions with your goals.


Implementing Your Solutions

  • We enter into a formal client-adviser relationship and implement your income solution.
  • We act in a fiduciary capacity to monitor your accounts and provide continued support.
Contact us today to integrate your wealth management with your journey toward financial well-being.

If you want to approach financial wealth management from a place of well-being with no judgement, we are here to help.

“A school of thought says there are five essential elements of well-being: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community. Well-being isn’t just about being happy, or wealthy, or successful. And it is certainly not limited to physical health and wellness.

After decades spent working in the financial industry that focuses on the accumulation and decumulation phases of our financial lives, I have found that money is a significant source of stress and anxiety for many individuals. I realized that our attitudes and emotions about money can be a place of self discovery and a source of well-being. Money plays such a huge part in our lives, yet most of us often avoid talking about it. Getting in touch with our money selves can be transformative.”

  • Jennifer Rayner, Wealth Rescue Strategies

Wealth Rescue Strategies is here to create an environment where you feel comfortable discussing your financial life in a non-judgmental way. We help you arrive at decisions about your finances that will help you achieve your goals in a way that aligns your values and beliefs about money.

Solutions we offer include:

Portfolio Investment Management

We provide access to portfolio investment management solutions that will grow and protect your investment portfolio. We advocate for the best possible solutions that will accomplish your goals and objectives.

Income Solutions

We offer personalized investment and spending plans that provide you with reliable income for life – governed by the highest fiduciary standards and delivered by a team of experts. Get income security while effectively managing key retiree risks.